Chapter 17

The Initial Stages of the Rulemaking Process

17.3 Review of Rules by the Governor

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The Governor has the authority to veto a rule adopted by an agency by submitting a notice of the veto to the State Register for publication within 14 days of receiving a copy of the adopted rule.[1] Recognizing that review at the end of the rulemaking process could be a waste of resources, the Governor established procedures that provide for communication throughout the process, and, in particular, a review early in the process.[2] The procedure requires agencies to submit proposed rules, the SONAR, and an executive summary to the Governor’s office for review and approval before publishing a notice of intent to adopt rules. The procedure calls for agencies to identify any potential controversies about adoption of the rules. The Governor’s office attempts to complete its review within three weeks. If the Governor disapproves the rule, the agency may not continue. If approved, the agency advances to the rulemaking process’ next stage.

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