Table of Contents

Part I Introduction to Administrative Procedure

Chapter 1. The Development of Administrative Procedure
Revised by Mark Shepard
Chapter 2. Researching Administrative Law 21
Revised by Neal Axton

Part II Contested Case Procedure

Chapter 3. Agency Investigations
Revised by Lynn Belgea
Chapter 4. Introduction to Contested Cases and the Office of Administrative Hearings
Revised by Tammy L. Pust
Chapter 5. Notice of the Hearing
Revised by George Beck
Chapter 6. Parties
Revised by Sam Orbovich
Chapter 7. Prehearing Practice
Revised by Tammy L. Pust
Chapter 8. Discovery
Revised by Tammy L. Pust
Chapter 9. Discovery Limitations
Revised by Tammy L. Pust and Jean Boos
Chapter 10. Evidence
Revised by Stephen Swanson
Chapter 11. The Contested Case Hearing
Revised by Tammy L. Pust
Chapter 12. Collateral Estoppel, Res Judicata, Stare Decisis, and the Equitable Defenses
Revised by Allan Klein
Chapter 13. The Minnesota Government Data Practices Act and Contested Case Hearings
Revised by Laura Schlatter and Stacie Christensen
Chapter 14. The Agency Decision
Revised by Patricia Winget
Chapter 15. Judicial Review of Contested Cases
Revised by Lindsay Davis

Part III Rulemaking Procedure 301

Chapter 16. Introduction to Rulemaking
Revised by David Schultz
Chapter 17. The Initial Stages of the Rulemaking Process
Revised by Patricia Winget
Chapter 18. Drafting Rules and the Revisor of Statutes
Revised by Paul M. Marinac
Chapter 19. Rulemaking without a Hearing
Revised by Kathryn Berger
Chapter 20. Rulemaking with a Hearing
Revised by Kerstin Forsythe Hahn
Chapter 21. Exempt and Expedited Rules
Revised by Jodi Pope
Chapter 22. Need and Reasonableness and Substantial Difference
Revised by Patricia Winget
Chapter 23. Review of Rules for Legality
Revised by Mike Ahern
Chapter 24. Judicial Review of Rules
Chapter 25. Legislative Review of Administrative Rules
Revised by Mark Shepard