Bringing Justice to Life

The tools to advance justice

Lawyers play a crucial role in the fabric of society. They can give voice to those who go unheard, they provide insight and understanding about societal systems, and they have the tools to advance justice.

As a student and graduate of Mitchell Hamline, you will help your community improve through service and the pursuit of justice. You will empower individual clients who need help with large and small legal issues. You will achieve broad influence and impact in your communities and in the organizations you care about with your leadership.

President and Dean Anthony Niedwiecki describes the defining moment in his drive to activism.

“I’d love to have a school of activists, fighting for what they think is important. It doesn’t have to be what I believe in, but they need to be fighting for things they think will positively change the world.”

Real clients. Real experience. Real justice.

Under the supervision of professors, students work in clinics with clients who are mothers, fathers, immigrants, and leaders of nonprofit organizations. Some clients are elderly. Some are unemployed. Some are accused of crimes. All are real people with real legal problems, and our students drive their representation.

Child Protection Clinic

Students in this clinic represent parents after their children have been removed from their home.

Institute to Transform Child Protection

Civil Advocacy Clinic

Most recently, the clinic has been focusing on cases that address the affordable housing crisis in the Twin Cities. Students represent low-wealth individuals, mostly African American and Latina.

Employment Discrimination Clinic

Represent clients who have filed charges with the EEOC based on claims of employment discrimination.

Nadine Graves ’17 on child protection

Scotty DuCharme ’19 on taking a client’s case to trial

Clinical Program Director Brad Colbert talks about the work of the LAMP and Reentry clinics

Immigration Clinic

Represent non-citizen clients applying for political asylum; immigration status for victims of domestic violence, violent crimes or trafficking; family-based immigration status; or other relief.

Indian Law Clinic

This clinic handles large federal court litigation on behalf of Indian tribes.

Native American Law and Sovereignty Institute

Legal Assistance to Minnesota Prisoners

Represent incarcerated persons on civil legal issues, primarily family law, prison conditions litigation and tort defense.

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A rigorous, practice-based experience

Preparing you to serve clients and communities

A challenging curriculum that gets you ready to practice. More than 20,000 alumni to help guide your path to your career. Whether you take classes full time or part time, on-campus or partially online, you’ll start learning the work of a lawyer by doing it. You’ll benefit from top-ranked programs in emerging specialties. You’ll be ready to make an immediate contribution in law, business, government, community service, or whatever field you pursue.

At Mitchell Hamline School of Law, we have been educating lawyers for more than 100 years but are still innovating to respond to the changing legal world.

Great in theory. Even better in practice.

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